The Problem

Re-imagining eCommerce for the digital age

Voltex is South Africa’s pre-eminent lighting and energy solutions company. With over 60,000 products in their inventory, they specialise in the design, manufacture and marketing of both small and large scale lighting projects, with a special interest in energy-saving projects on both an industrial scale and for your home. Voltex approached us with a grand idea of creating an eCommerce app where customers can select lights and view them in real time, in their own houses, in place of their current lighting. And we were only too excited to jump in.

This app would have all of the functionality of an eCommerce platform, with a simple and elegant UX design enabling users to easily find what they are looking for and proceed to purchase. But furthermore, this app would have the AR functionality to show you what your chosen product would look like in real time, in your own chosen room or space.

Our Solution

Putting AR in the palm of your hand

There were several aspects of this project that needed careful planning and consideration. Firstly, starting with a selection of products, these needed to be modelled in 3D, which would enable the customer to experience the product as an actual light or lamp in their home environment, rather than viewing a static image overlay. Secondly, users needed to be able to save and share the resulting display. And lastly, users needed to be able to easily add any given product to their basket and purchase it without hassle.

The resulting app is therefore quite impressive. With 2D images of all products, and 3D models of selected products, this app gives customers the ability to really visualise and experience their lighting options before purchasing a given item. This app has truly taken eCommerce to the next level, re-imagining what digital can do for South African business.

The Results

Download the app and see for yourself

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