By Rudi Briedenhann.

In this, our third installment in the series on Digital Transformation it’s appropriate to briefly summarize the topics so far. The first consideration on embarking on the road to Digital Transformation for your business; is the role of leadership buy-in and support for transformation. Last week I wrote about the impact of your business’ current paper processes and the compliance requirements such processes must meet. This week we will consider the fundamental importance that a well-considered Digital Strategy will play in your organisation’s digital transformation journey. As business primarily comprises of two functioning components; one being a service component, which addresses client-facing engagement journeys and the second component being the operational component, which will address the product and business compliance requirements.

It is important to define a clear and concise digitisation target for the business. What is the business component to be digitised or automated? Is the digitisation result going to have a more positive impact on the operational component or service component of the business or product? What current technologies in the market are the most relevant to achieve the best planned outcome for the business? The consideration may be aligned with the way in which your organisation engages your customer or rather how your customer engages with your product or service. Is the service or product being provided to the customer in the most effective way possible, given current widely available technologies? Make sure that the Digital Strategy identifies and prioritises which of the two functioning components should be digitized and/or automated first.

SmartPalm’s primary service offering is to create the Digital Strategy for the business, because as digital specialists, we understand that in an environment where the question ‘’which path should my business take?’’ becomes increasingly difficult and complex to answer. SmartPalm offers its services in a collaborative manner to enable working together with our clients to determine the most effective Digital Strategy for their business.

I’m keeping this week’s blog short, with this being a short week and the Easter holidays around the corner. The “nugget’’ I impart to you this week, is to ensure that the organisation has a well- considered, detailed Digital Strategy. It is imperative that you find a partner business that understands your business and what’s required to achieve an accurate and applicable Digital Strategy. SmartPalm prides itself as a partner business that understands the critical necessity of getting the Digital Strategy defined precisely and implemented effectively.

For more information on how we could assist in providing a Digital Strategy for your business, please contact us at info@smartpalm.co.za

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Posted by SmartPalm on Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Please be safe over the Easter break and Happy Easter.


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