The Problem

Rossimoda (RM) is a super exciting fashion brand who designs and sells high-quality footwear and apparel. Even though there is extensive brand love and volumes of social engagement for the RM apparel, the sales conversions online were low. With RM selling their products both online, in-store, and through 3rd party retailers, they simply needed a company to oversee their digital marketing.

Our Solution

SmartPalm takes a very data-driven approach to digital marketing. We take a look at your target market/s, we research what your biggest competitors are doing, we explore the most common keywords that people are searching for in your industry. In short, we immerse ourselves in your business and your industry to establish the best way forward. The steps we took with RM were:

Digital marketing strategy
This strategy laid out our analysis of RM’s target audiences, the marketing goals that we aimed to achieve, the content plan for the following month, and, of course, budget.

SEO strategy
Our SEO strategy gave a detailed account of RM’s digital platforms, as well as a review of their competitors platforms. Here, we asked what terms and words people were searching for in the industry, and what the biggest competitors were using. Using this data, we crafted a metadata strategy to be implemented on the backend of their Shopify website.

Live analytics dashboard
Everything we do is data-driven, but more than that, our clients need to have access to their own analytics data. To do this, we built a live dashboard that gives RM an up-to-date view of their website performance: how many visitors they get, which pages they visit, the sales that result, and much more.

Monthly report
Being able to track your own data is all very well, but what should we do about that data? What does it all mean at the end of the day? This is why SmartPalm provides RM with a monthly report that goes into more detail on the analytics and provides insights and recommendations for the next marketing campaign.

SmartPalm believes in being your digital partner.

The Results

Increase in online sales
Increase in new customers
Increase in conversion
Click through rate