by Rudi Briedenhann

SmartPalm entered a highly competitive and progressive industry as a new business (est. 2016) within the development environment. The MOST competitive and MOST progressive of industries, in fact. It has taken time for SmartPalm to differentiate itself from other traditional developers within this industry. How so, one may ask?

Our development approach is driven by our passion to truly contribute to large scale digital transformation within African industries. A belief commonly held is that the development of digital enterprise and business solutions is very expensive. This is a large contributor to the ‘’barrier to transformation’’ according to the Siemens – African Digitalization Maturity Report – 2017 which shows that two-thirds of companies don’t have a digital strategy to support digital transformation. Combine this with the fact that, according to the PWC Report – Digital Champions: How industry leaders build integrated operations ecosystems to deliver end-to-end customer solutions, 78% of companies believe that none of its staff have the required skills to master the digital future. From this a question arises – ‘’If the skills do not exist within business to map digitization, coupled with the exorbitant costs for consultants to digitally map business processes, how can large scale digital transformation in South Africa be expected?


SmartPalm has taken this understanding, combined with a compliance driven development ethos and looked at the fundamental structures that exist within most process driven business environments, albeit internal administration (sales), B2B or B2C processes.

This is demonstrated within the insurance broker client environments for example, traditionally, should a client want to make any changes on a financial product/policy, the client will have to contact, his broker or insurer directly via phone/email to request changes. The broker or insurer will then reply with a set of documents via email for the client to ‘’please print, complete, sign, scan and email back’’. For most of us these are tedious and laborious activities.

There has been a steady adoption of self-service environments and technologies within digital companies, championed by financial institutions such as banks and insurers and we are increasingly being prompted to download applications.

These technologies are currently exclusively available to the top South African businesses, but could have a massive positive effect for SMME businesses if they were accessible at an affordable price point.

SmartPalm is perfectly positioned to be your business’s digital transformation partner by developing specific modules to digitise any compliance processes. The SmartPalm module suite contains: document automation, picture upload, realtime data/event monitoring, on-device signature and QR Code Voucher modules to enable digitisation.

SmartPalm has a unique approach to development and focus on digitalisation and automation services. We believe that we have entrenched ourselves as an expert developer by offering unique customer centric technology solutions.

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