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The smarter Way to work!

Meet the digital age head-on with SmartWork, the go-to mobile solution for your business workflow automation. A fully customisable platform which offers complete integration into existing administration systems.

SmartWork provides fully functioning automated client services, sales process, brief capture, digital signing of agreements, internal control processes, claims and service processes. Create multiple manual or automated data submissions. Boost your compliance escalations through the SmartAlert real-time data platform.

SmartPalm - SmartWork Application

Benefits of

  • Off the shelf workflow management system
  • Real-time Document automation
  • Sign and send documents instantly
  • Take briefs and minutes on the app
  • In-App Picture Upload
  • All existing admin documents loaded digitally
  • Time/date stamp and geo-locate documents in real-time
  • Online Product Mall/Store

The SmartWork app connects your staff and customers, creating transparency and automating your admin in real-time.

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Real-time data monitoring

Does your company still rely on inefficient manual and paper-based tasks to operate?

Digital business automation is creating huge opportunities to increase productivity and unlock operational efficiencies across every business department, transforming the way work is done.

Simplifying the way in which your customer does business with you!

SmartPalm - SmartAlert Product

Benefits of

  • No more long and tedious admin processes which are heavily reliant on outdated telephony, extensive documentation and email based interactions.
  • Your platform will be a fully functioning administrative hub
  • Arm teams with real-time data and KPIs on live dashboards so they can make decisions faster
  • Automated alerting – Removes latencies and accelerates the distribution of critical information in real-time
  • Reduced response times – Ensures operational excellence and service continuity
  • Transparency – A mobile app provides real-time information about alert ownership. Cost Saving and fully mobile workforce
  • Flexibility and accountability –  Targeted mobile alert notifications and acknowledgements create clear accountability for critical incidents