As a company, understanding your target market is key to your business. You use this information to inform your product offering, make your business more accessible, and market directly to the right consumer. Digital design works in a similar way. We use research and strategy to design better websites, improve user experience and create marketing messages that appeal to the right audience.

Website researchYour website is the first experience that your customer will have with your brand; think of it like a shop window for your business. Whether you are a new business wanting to start a website or an existing business that simply wants to redesign and update their website, it is imperative that we take a strategic approach. 

Such an approach considers many different issues. For example, how are people are currently navigating your website and can this be improved? Are there sticking points in the user journey? What are the most recent design trends? And finally, how can we make your website as appealing and user friendly to your target audience as possible.

To do this, we look at consumer behaviour. This is the way in which people choose, purchase, and make use of your products or services. It is a study of your target audience and what their needs are; gaining an understanding of what influences them psychologically and emotionally when purchasing a product or service.

Familiarity with the stages of your consumers purchase decision process is essential when wanting to achieve your sales and marketing goals.

customer mappingIt is the same with your website. We need to map a user’s journey through your website to ensure that customers can easily navigate to what they need, and then complete the purchase or user journey without getting lost or stuck. We can identify such sticking points by looking into your analytics data. For example, if users are dropping off after adding items to their cart, we know that there is some confusion around the payment or delivery process. SmartPalm makes use of research, analytics and data at every step of the way to ensure that your website is functioning correctly, easy to use, and captivating to your audience.

We provide a variety of web-based services for every step of your journey, such as design and development, website maintenance, analytics and SEO.

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