By Rudi Briedenhann.

The South African business landscape is a very interesting space in which to be functioning. I am sure all development agencies will agree, that we get exposed to a wide array of industries, and this, for however brief a moment, gives us valuable insight into their unique trade environments and challenges. What is especially noticeable, is that every industry, however small, corporate, or relaxed it may be, to some degree practices administrative, manufacturing or development processes. It therefore stands to reason, that every business in South Africa, which generates a piece of paper, can digitize. At least to some degree, right?

Hang on a minute, this statement may be true, but the reality is that even if businesses had to digitally transform tomorrow, it would be of no value if the data is not coupled with meaningful analytics. In other words, someone to translate all this new data, into useful, value-adding customer insights. These insights help the most successful companies understand their customers’ “wants and needs” with uncanny accuracy, in such a way that they are ‘magically’ able to create, develop and package unique products and services, before the customer even knows they want it.

We find this to be one of the most FAQ’s by business, what do we offer in the Data Analytics area? This need is born from an early adoption of new and emerging technologies either forming completely new digital data channels or, adding new data channels to existing channels i.e. SMS customer satisfaction surveys after call center/service engagements.  This dash for new technologies quickly created disparity of data across these new digital data acquisition points, as none of the development languages are the same. This leaves the company at a severe disadvantage, as its is unable to extract the full value of this consumer data due to disparate systems.

This raises the question on how business can centralise data into a single view, if customer data exists in multiple systems. A simple example of this, is an insurer with multiple data acquisition points eg. website, mobile app or outbound call center. Any of these could be engaged with by the customer. Let’s use this example, customer ‘’A’’ visits the insurer’s website or mobile app and completes a “Notice of Interest’’ form. The website generates a “Notice of Interest’’ in a specific coding language, let’s assume HTML. The “Notice of Interest” is queued as a lead generator, where the call-center will eventually get to, and establish contact with the customer to sell the product/service they showed interest in. In most cases, by the time the call-center do respond with a call-back, the potential customer has already concluded a sale with an alternative provider. It is clear that if the business could immediately escalate the customer’s “Notice of Interest” to the relevant department, it could have led to potential added revenue. This will remain a missed opportunity due to the business not being able to receive, analyse and escalate that data in real-time.

The Siemens Digitalisation Maturity Report 2017 shows that 78% of business admits that they do not make use of effective analytics, assessment and application of insights. It is crucial to business that inter-department data sharing is done while observing transparency and real-time ability. It is this transparency and ability to act on data in real-time, that will give your business the competitive edge in today’s very competitive markets.

SmartPalm understands the value of real-time data response within business and has created several real-time data/event management solutions which are designed to either be integrated as part of your business’s existing DMP/CRM or be developed as part of your unique custom DMP/CRM platform development.

Our real-time data/event management solutions have made an impact within several operating environments, ranging from service/warranty administration centers, data-centers and critical impact response services, including device-to-device integrations.

We also offer a full range of Analytical services, ranging from comprehensive SEO services to complete strategy channel audits.

Please contact us today should you require more information on how SmartPalm can assist you with your real-time data response requirement.

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